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FAITH (Vol 7): The Practical

Have you ever performed the practical in which a liquid passed through a semi-permeable membrane in the laboratory?

Have you ever performed an experiment in which 2 colourless liquid comes together to produce colour?

Have you ever performed an experiment in which you put water in a kettle and you allowed the water to escape to the atmosphere?

Or you performed the experiment in which you get the water back in another container by putting ice?

Have you ever wondered how the waters on the ground became invisible as it is escaping to the atmosphere?

Have you ever asked yourself why evaporation is not visible and precipitation is visible and touchable?

Have you ever imagined and take a deep thought to ask yourself if evaporation is equal to precipitation?

Then take a deep thought now about evaporation and precipitation.

Let me just give you an insight.

If evaporation is equal to precipitation, then you supposed to be seeing the water going up just as the reversible reaction of rainfall.

Then note this, if evaporation is not equal to precipitation, it can never be greater than precipitation.

Now that I have given you an insight, can you now have a brief reasoning and ask yourself about the person that is adding more water to the one evaporated before it comes back as precipitation.

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