Web Designing

In our daily lives, we search and seek for information. Solving problems by using ‘do it yourself’ principle. Knowing about First Aid where there is no Doctor, the work of Web Designers is inestimable.

To even do some calculations that require formulars, cramming of formulars has also been solved. Just visit some sites, all you just need is to input your variables and waits for the answer.

What about door step delivery? You buy something online from the person you don’t know, and the person you don’t know also delivers what has been ordered to the person he/she didn’t know. What a great advantage of world wide web.

What about online payment? You don’t have to go to your bank to do your transactions anymore if you have gone digital.

In the areas of customer care, retrieving your old time friends, meeting new friends, studying, world wide web is the subject of the formular.

The changing of the word ‘Pen Friends’ to the word ‘Online Friends’ is even the work of world wide web.

Have you ever take a vivid observation on a spider web? A spider web has a domain – the spider, a host – the surrounding that holds the web, and the insects held by the the web. This is my principle of world wide world.

As the spider webs varries in design, shapes and textures, web designer do make sure that the web they are designing varries from one another.

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