Gone are those days when we were taught shapes in school. I remember those days if a teacher want to punish a stubborn students, the teacher will draw something on the board and ask the student to push it. You can now push anything through animation.

How does it sound in your hear by saying that you can now push anything through animation? Try and draw something yourself and see if you can push what you have drawn. Is it pushable?

If its not pushable, that mean you didn’t draw it digitally. In computer, we are making use of digital world, anything aside computer is called the analogue.

If you draw in your paper, that is analogue. You can just play around what you have drawn in analogue by setting up a camera while playing with what you have drawn.

But if you want to animate without the need of setting up a camera, you need to learn digital drawing. To do digital drawing ready for animation, there is no follow come application that you can use on a computer system, you need a third party application. And there are a lot of animation software from a third party in the market.

Animating object is a complex task, in which you need the knowledge of modelling, lighting, camera control, cordinate system, among others.

Animation include moving of texts in adverts, moving of objects and characters in cartoon, simulation of actors to perform complex task which cannot be perform in real life, and simulation of objects and environments in films.

This is an indication that animation cannot be learnt in just a day, you learn it gradually and everyday. The fact about animation is that the more you practice and learn, the more your knowledge, and the more expert you become.

Because animation work is gaining market everyday, there is need for more people to be train so as to contribute to this growing market.

That is why we care at GodReign Dreamworks. You can enrol for training, and you can contact us for your animation works.

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