It is my pleasure to welcome you to GodReign Dreamworks (GoRed). Established in 2005 as Bounty Art. We have been in the business of training, imparting knowledge and building career. We deals with all works of life, which include writing of Articles, Oracles and tutorials, designing Wallpapers and Self-explanatory Wallpaper, uploading inspirational E-Books and Presentations for Downloads, various services like Statistical Analysis, Video Coverage, Editing and Effects, Graphics Designing, Web Designing, Computer Services and Training, 3D modelling and Animation, 3D Architectural Designs and lots more.


Our Aims

  • We aim at enriching lives through inspirational and motivational articles, imaginations and oracles
  • We aim imparting knowledge and improving the understanding of many through our tutorials
  • We aim at boosting skills through training
  • We aim at being an assistance and of help to people through the various services we are rendering


The Journey so far

Where we started, where we are, and where we are going. Despite the fact that we have made history, we have a big Aim, and we still have a lot to offer

Brief History

The conception of GodReign Dreamworks started in 2005 with Bounty Art as the business name. It was changed to Mogul World in 2007.

Logo Speaks

The logo was derived from the perspective and imagination of being at the sea side and seeing the sun rising and the sun setting. Both the sun and the…

The Traits

The solar system is linked together by rings in the first perception, Mogul World logo already have imaginary lines as the wired network, and the gaps as the wireless networks.

Colour Speaks

The colours in GodReign Dreamworks logo are not there just to beautify the logo, they have specific functions, and they explain life in different ways. If you want to mention…

The Colour Lane

The essence of chosen primary colours is that it is the mother of all other colours, and stand as the sources of colours. And in order to attain the ‘rich and powerful world, the source must be referenced.

The A to Z of GoRed Colours

Starting business is like planting (green), you put more efforts and passed through the stages of production (yellow), and even take risk (red). Then you get more profits if you didn’t give up (blue)…


Israel Bamidele

Israel is the CEO of GodReign Dreamworks (GoRed), a Soil Scientist and Land Manager with adequate knowledge in IT. He is a Writer, Graphics Designer, and a Motivator…