Brief History

The conception of GodReign Dreamworks started in 2005 with Bounty Art as the business name. It was changed to Mogul World in 2007. The name was later changed to God Reign networks in 2013, and was fully registered as GodReign Dreamworks on 29th September 2016 as the approved business name by the Corporate Affairs Commission.

The Road Map

When GodReign  Dreamworks started as Bounty Art in 2005, its main focus was on Art works such as drawing, painting of drawings, designing birthday cards, painting of signposts and writing banners.

In 2007, Bounty Art was then transformed to Mogul World due to several reasons.

The first reason why it was transformed is because of my friend that is already bearing the name.

The Second reason is that the technology is increasing and there is need to diversify and move from Art to Technology, and the technology is defined as World in the name. Due to the increase in technology transfer at that time, Mogul World focuses more on phone settings and configurations, GPRS configuration, video, music and application downloading, and selling of browsing cheats.

Because of this, I therefore imagined a world forms from the particles dropped from Mars and the earth, in which the Mars and the earth are the parents of the new world formed, and the new world was named by the moons, the stars and the other planets as Mogul World.

I have never thought of changing the name from Mogul World until December 2013 when I started hearing a voice while I was on the bed. The voice make me to realize that creating a Mogul World is a good idea, but it’s the idea and the thought of the proud and does not glorifies God.

The voice then proceed by making me to realize further that all my achievements is not because I desired a Mogul World, but because there is someone that is Reigning. The voice further emphasized that I can only attain ‘the rich and powerful and of influence and distinction world’ by connecting to a network.

The voice then opened my heart widely and told me to come back to my senses and humble myself so that the only Person that is Reigning through Networks can exalt me. Immediately after the voice, I took my book and my Biro to check the perfect name combination.

To cut the story short, that was how God Reign Networks came into existence in 2013, in which the short form of it is been written as G’Reign Networks.

After a while, my dreams started coming to actualization through 3D art and house designing which I learned in the early months of 2016. Then I thought of changing the Networks to Dreamworks in the later months of the year.

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