Graphics Designing

Graphics Design has nowadays becoming the subjects of the formular. Right from the cartoon we are watching, the adverts we see on TV, to the movies we do watch, they cannot be accomplished without graphics.

Graphics design comprises of visual aids, it deals with what we can see with our physical eyes. It is also the expression of our imaginations, that is why imagination is paramount in graphic designing. Your imagination will be the driving force to your designing, and that imagination will then become the motivator to aquiring knowlege on graphics designing.

Just imaging an Art student that can’t draw, that isn’t a disease, the problem is that graphics imagination is scarce in his brain.

Graphics design starts from the knowledge in the drawing of shapes like circle, square, rectangle, triangle, elipse etc, which are called 2D drawing. It then continue to drawing of polygons like sphere, cube, plane, cone, tube etc, which are called 3D drawing. And then proceed to combination and manipulation of shapes and polygons to produce complex structures called mesh.

Having knowledge and imaginations about drawing hasn’t qualify you to be a graphic designer, because graphics designer is not only about drawing, it is also about mixing of colours.

Consider an ATM card for example and compare different banks, the graphics design on the card is not about drawings, but it is about mixing of colours.

At GodReign Dreamworks, we do offer graphics designing, both as work and as trainning. We do offer both 2D and 3D graphics designing.

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