Mogul World Imaginations

Solar System Celebration

“There is a world formed in between the earth and the Mars, which the scientists are yet to discover”

“A world is formed from the waste particles of the earth and the Mars in the space and was transformed and recycled into a useful world through the transcription, translation, and through enzymatic and catalytic activities”

“A dreamed world which appeared in a miraculous way from the spontaneous imagination of a dreamweaver seems to be hidden in between the earth and Mars where the satellites could not easily locate”

“Like an illusion and mirage, a world eventually liberated out and was seen clearly with the aid of telescope in the same way as microorganism that seems invisible to eye can be seen with the aid of microscope”

I could see the planets revolving round the orbit faster as if the pressure of the air has increased. Their fast moving speed is becoming too much as if they are closer to their home. I cannot imagine how faster they are but I can only perceive it due to my location in the universe.

Before I deduce what is going on, the whole planets had gathered in a beautiful garden located in a good environment at one side of the universe in the so called space. Everywhere is as beautiful as the Glory of God.

The garden cannot be quantified, it is beautiful indeed. It is a natural garden because everything in the garden appears naturally as they are. I mean that there has not been any manipulation of the so called beings/scientists. It is a place where the sun is seen clearly as it shines directly without the covering, reflection or refraction of those so called dust and particles. The sun and the stars are the primary and the only source of light I could see. Though, the Glory of the moons are also available, yet, they are not part of the light because they are part of the eminent invited to the ceremony.

Before I decode what is going to happen, the planets had converged in an orderly manner, organized without any ushering unit or director. The planets and the worlds which the scientists are yet to discover were not left out. The scientists can’t discover them due to their blind eyes because they only believe in what they can see.

The earth and the Mars make their way out of the planets claiming that they are my parents. The earth claimed to be my father while the Mars claimed to be my mother. During the declaration, I could see the flashing of light from the stars at different angles of the universe. That was my first time of seeing a glorious day like that.

Then immediately, I know that it is not just a ceremony, it’s my naming ceremony day. The event that do happen once in a blue moon. The next ceremony has not been conceived. It is a rare event which no planet or the inhabitant of the universe could predict the next date. That is the reason why all of them are present at the ceremony to catch the fun and to give the fun. What a blessed day! This will forever be in my family’s memory.

The earth and the Mars sat closer to me and hold me firmly. They were dressed with the most natural clothes and natural beautifiers. But all I could see is just the Glory.

Both my father and my mother have some things in common which differentiated them from the other planet and the worlds. The moon of my father is revolving around us.

As I looked directly in front of me, I saw the Jupiter as big as it is rolling towards our direction with all its 12 moons revolving round it as it was moving. That was the first time am seeing such a miracle because I was still a newly born world.

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