Video Coverage, Editing and Effects

As part of our Aim to keep memories, we offer:

  • Video Coverage
  • Video Editing
  • Video Effects
  • Video Coverage

    The memories you have in your room, in hotels, halls, offices, and anywhere you can think of. The news we do watch everyday, or the news we do read. The documentary we do watch. The sport you watch, Your Birthday, marriage ceremonies, and all the events are the works of video coverage.

    By using the word ‘memory’, I don’t really mean the memory card, hard disk or the storage device you are familiar with. Memory as used in this context stands for anything that can make you to flash back, or bring you down to the memory lane. It also represent ‘once upon a time’, or ‘gone are the days’.

    There has been video coverage since time past. These gives the opportunity for those that are born in the digital age to recall what has happened in the analogue age before they where born.

    Apart from recalling the past events, it also brings exposure and stands as an eye opener. For instance, if you haven’t travel to a place in the world, if you can lay your hand on the video recorded from that place, you can still describe the place just because you have been exposed to the place through the video you watched.

    Another instance is that if you are a lover of documentary, you can describe everything about an animal without seeing it physically. You can say everything you know about a player just because you do watch him.

    The old ceremonies you have done can still be watched, the events or the excursions, the pictures you have snapped with friends and others do bring you back to memory lane. That exactly the work of video recorder. They are working everyday just to keep the memory, and to give you the happiness of the moment.

    All the films you do watch, the sport, documentaries and all the likes, are being brought to you by video recorder.

    At GodReign Dreamworks, we offers video coverage in order to keep the memory. You can join the millions of video recorder today by registering for video coverage training. We are here to serve you better.

    Video Editing

    hd video editing software

    I do wonder how the world would have looked like if there is nothing like video editing. Imagine how many days used to shoot the 2 hours film you do watch, the cutting, splitting and joining together is been accomplished through Video Editing.

    Video Editing industries is growing everyday due to the increase in demand for audio visual. The world is migrating from listening to audio to audio visual. This is due to the fact that what we see can easily stick to our brain than what we only hear.

    Due to the increase in demand for audio visual, camera producers are producing cameras everyday. As the camra producing company are producing theirs, phone manufacturers are also improving the cameras in the phones produced to catalyse the visual recording, and to solve the demand for visual problem.

    As the video recording is increasing, the need for large amount of memory to store the video arises.

    In order to solve the storage problem, video editing stands as the solution to the problem.

    With the knowledge of video editing, after recording, you can watch, cut away the useless part, join multiple video, render, and convert the video to the format that consume less storage space.

     At GodReign Dreamworks, we offer video editing in order to solve the storage problem. We also offer training on video editing for those that are interesting in solving other people’s problems.

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    Video Effects

    video effects of building explosion

    Have you ever imagine how possible it is to shoot someone and the bullet came out of the gun, and it hits the person on the head, and the head is scattered, and the person is buried. The next day, you go to the market and buy another film and you still see that same person that was buried in the film you bought, and you will begin to wonder how.

    Have you ever imagine how possible it is to blow the london bridge and yet, you switch on your TV to watch news, and you still see that london bridge is still intact.

    Have you ever imagine how much would have been used to produce a film if all the houses, cars, ship and the implements they are blowing in the film is blown in real life.

    In order to save the money and the extra efforts that needs to be added to repair the damages, video effects has introduced to act as the alternative to destroying things.

    To be a professional video effector, you need the imagination, the materials to be used, the correct system, and the correct software to use.

    At GodReign Dreamworks, we offer video effects for movie industries, and we are offering training on video effects.

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