Bamidele Israel is the CEO of GodReign Dreamworks (GoRed), a graduate of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, a Soil Scientist and Land Manager with adequate knowledge in IT. He is an Entrepreneur, a Writer, Graphics Designer, a Motivator, and an Admirer of Technology.

He has passion for the growth of people, community, state, and the whole country in general. The passion has prompted him to be given out good and inspiring information that will increase people’s knowledge. He has written a wide numbers of Articles and Wise Oracles, designed a wide numbers of Wallpapers and Self-Explanatory Wallpapers, gathered a lot of Presentations and E-Books both in pdf and txt formats for downloading, and lots more, just to activate and make his passion locomotive.

Among all, Bamidele Israel is resourceful, he has touched a lot of lives positively, and has been a source of blessing to many.

He has 2 famous quotes:

Despite all the ups and downs on his way, he didn’t give room for failure, he is self-motivated, and he is also motivated by the people around him and online motivators.

GodReign Dreamworks is an organization in Ogun State, Nigeria, and has been licenced by CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission).

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