Prophetical ministration



Harken unto my voice ye children of God Most High Says the Lord. I am the Lord your creator, who made you and redeemed you from the woeful world. I am always with you, as your advocate, delivering you from all accusation of Satan says the Lord. As I have said, so I have done, didn’t I deliver you? Says the Lord. I am still fighting for you and I will continue fighting your battle, because I am your saviour. I have seen your endurance to receive from me, yes I will not waste your time, I will give unto you, as omnipotent who has power to deliver, Says the Lord. But before given you the motto, listen, hear this instruction says the Lord.


In the year you are, it is a dark year, Says the Lord. But has it not been written, “I am the light, shining in the darkness, and the darkness cannot prevail me” Says the Lord. Just continue singing, “Take control, take control, my redeemer take control”. Says the Lord


I want everyone called by name to dedicate himself this year, Says the Lord. I want those who are hypocrites to change and turn unto me, Says the Lord. I want the thieves in my church as a servant, as officers in the church, change, change, change, stop stealing! The year will be hard for them, says the Lord.


Furthermore, those, some of the servants’ wives who have made themselves controller and governor, stop this, for their peace and their salvation, Says the Lord. Some are wicked, practicing wickedness, Yea! In my church which I redeemed by my blood, says the Lord. Hear me, I love you, why should you die?


Among the youths, boys and girls, I have seen spirit of fornication, stop it, stop it, I love you, why should you die? My doctrine in the year you are, are to be seriously emphasized. Teach them soundly, that they may be grounded in my doctrine. prepare for their eternal glory says the Lord. I want you to do this, to change them from church worshippers, but to my disciples, says the LORD.
Some are looking into those things going on in other denominations, they want to be ceremonial Christians, it is not my will says the Lord. I want the year to be a battling year, invoke yourself as you have heard for prayer and fasting, believing that I am hearing and I will hear you as you believe.


The year/2ce, as you have heard is a year of harvest, go and preach the gospel, go and testify what I have done for you, there you will receive power to work with me, says the Lord. If you pray without doing the power cannot come, go I will send you the power to safe soul, deliver those in bondage and to secure your form power of devil, no evil will be able to stand against you any more, says the Lord. As you go, I will send down the power for the revival, if you obey me, says the Lord.


  • You have to pray, rebuke, fire disaster which will come from the nearby nation to this nation rebuke it because you will witness it says the Lord.
  • I want you to rebuke, the power that will torment people in some area in the nation as a disease, it will be very-very hot like oven, but I will take control, you will have no part, says the Lord.
  • Some oceans have been opened for water to carry many things away, but you will not share in it, says the Lord.
  • Some people in some companies they have robbed the companies finding ways to cover themselves, they will order fire to burn the companies, says the Lord.
  • I have set the marks upon your houses and your properties, fire will not burn you, says the Lord.


I want your faithfulness, stop your hypocrite attitude, be holy/3ce, my eyes are on every one says the Lord. I am Holy, if you are mine be holy too, says the Lord. Let there be a day separated, declare around all my churches for the youths to pray and dedicate their lives unto me, because I have hope for them in the nation in the year you are says the Lord.


There is arrangement going on for the young ones somewhere, they are recruiting themselves, training how to use ammunition for robbing, I have seen them, don’t join them, my children don’t join them, it is dangerous, says the Lord.


All the killers in the nation hear me, ye my children. I have put them into bondage, if they plan to kill they will be killing themselves, says the Lord.

READ JOEL 2 18-27

Hear me, it is my will to read, to understand what I am going to do in the year to your full understanding. Read Joel 2:18-27. Read it, you people go and read it, when you go back home tell my people to read it. I am the God of this nation, I will take control, I will restore all you have lost I will feed you to satisfaction in the nation and you will no longer suffer. I say verses 18-27 read it. I am the Lord I change not.


Harken to my voice of Love. I am/3ce who I am. I have planned it. I am going to do it. This is my will for you in the nation and for you my body, my church, says the Lord. I am going to give you the motto, as you continue shouting it, so you will see me everywhere you go, as you believe.

FOR THE LORD WILL DO A GREAT THING, I am the great god I have a great thing to do. “FOR THE LORD WILL DO A GREAT THING” (Joel 2:21).

  • I will do a great thing in your life in your family.
  • I will do a great thing in your work and where so ever you go.
  • You women that are weeping, I will do a great thing in your life this year.
  • You graduate walking around without jobs I will do a great thing in the year.
  • You men that you are suffering, I see your suffering, I will do a great thing in your life you will not suffer again.
  • You that you are in bondage, I release your bondage, you are no more in bondage for I will do a new thing.

This will surprise you. I am going to do a great thing in this nation/2ce yea I have started. you will witness it. I am the scattering God I will scatter the caterer of good things. Shout it.

When you are together, you can say You can say “The Lord will do great things in us”
If you are alone, you say “The Lord will do great things in me”
If you are with your family, you can say “The Lord will do a great thing in this family.”

Let the president declare it 3 times to my people and it will reach those who are far away wherever they are because in my church in the nation I will do a great thing. If you believe/3ce, take it home when going say yes, the lord will do a great thing in my life, so it shall be well with you/3ce.

For I will do a great thing, says the Lord God of Host.

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