Statistical Analysis

To make inferences, to make references, to get results, to get recommendations, to reach conclusion, we need statistical analysis.

Statistics goes a long way in our daily lives, right from cooking to studying. Do you know that taking a sample when cooking rice or beans to know if they are ready to be served is part of statistics? That’s a statistical analysis because you make inferences, conclusion and recomemdations based on the little sample you have taken out of the multitude.

In making friends, some people do make conclusion that all friends are bad based on their little experience with friends.

Therefore, statistical analysis is not only about drawing of charts, bar chart, histogram, pie charts, ANOVA and the likes if we were to follow the individual perspectives on statistics.

But as far as academics is concern, statistics can be descriptive or non-descriptive. In which you have to gather your sample from the population, and then make your analysis by using charts which is decriptive, or by using Analysis of variance and the likes which is non-descriptive.

Before you can graduate from an institution, you need to add statistical analysis to your project irrespective of your department. That is an indication that statistics is universal.

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