I was in the Cage

Mr Life Escaped from a body

The Lord has brought you out of the ground. And he will return you back to the ground. And then raise you forth again in the day of resurrection  

(Zurat 71:15-20)

A life escaped from a man one day, he stood still by the man’s side, looking at the reaction of the man and the people around the man. Mr Life saw that the man could not do anything without him. Then he said that ‘now you will know that a body without Mr Life is what is called a ‘dead body’.

He saw how people are crying just because of a dead body. Mr Life put his finger in his mouth and said:

I pity your condition, so I am as important as this. Ah! It is quite unfortunate. I don’t really want to do this to you, but the way you do treat me, you do treat me as if I am in a cage. I feel like going back to make people around you smile, but I can’t bear the punishments any longer

The people standing by the side of the dead body continue crying and saying these as they were crying:

Death, why have you done this to us? You have endangered us. Why? Why? Why have you done this? Why don’t you ask for money? We can give you any amount just for you to spare this man’s life for us. Oh death! Oh death! You came without informing anybody. You came silently to cause violent. Why me? Why this man? Why us?

Mr Life heard everything they said, he replied them by saying:

Though, they can’t see me, and they can’t hear me, but I will say my own. People are just deceiving themselves. Why are they saying what they can’t do? Who is Mr Death? Where do they see him? Who have seen death before? Ah! It is quite unfortunate that they can’t give me answer. I wonder who can give me the answer. They are saying that they can bribe death if he asked for money. They have been misled. They took death responsible when I am the one in charge. If they can bribe death, why do they refuse to satisfy me when I was in the cage?

As they continue shouting and crying, Mr Life explained further why he has decided to escape out of the cage.

Then he said:

This man is really a cage, he like comfort zone too much, and also like self-satisfaction without considering Mr Life inside him. He like going to joints and beer parlours rather than going to church. He like drinking alcohol rather than soft drinks. He like watching films that are not glorifying God. He like reading papers rather than reading Bible and Holy Books. He like cheating people. He can’t even help people that are in need. I warned him several times, he didn’t listen to me. Now, see his life outside. People are now saying abusing words to me that am wicked because I left the cage. Who is wicked among us? Will I go back to the cage because of your vain promise? No! Bribing death is just a common poem, I have been hearing it times without number.

As Mr Life was about to leave the scene and go finally, a Pastor came and prayed for the man on the ground. While the Pastor was praying, Mr Life was touched and has compassion on those that are crying, especially because of his innocent wife.

Let me give him the 2nd chance

Mr Life said.

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