FAITH (Vol 12): Precipitation

Just as the comparison of evaporation and precipitation,

The evaporation is not felt nor seen, nor have impacts,

But the precipitation is felt, seen and even have impacts.

In like manner, as the rain is felt, seen and have impacts, man is born into the world and passed through a channel where he can be felt, seen and have impacts.

In like manner as the evaporation is not felt, seen nor have impacts, man is been passed out of the earth through a channel where he cannot be felt, seen, nor have impacts.

As the rain water dries up quickly if it fails to form a water body, so also are those that dies at early age. They dies quickly because they fail to utilize the resources given to them by God.

The fortunate ones works together to form a water body, and the water bodies is tagged as impacts a man could make before leaving the earth.

As the water bodies are of benefits to the community, country, the fortunate ones are of benefits to the whole world.

The ball is now in your court.

You have come to the world like rain,

Are you preparing to go back like vapour?

Make advantage of the waters around you and make impacts for God.

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