FAITH (Vol 11): Evaporation

Just as the experiment of evaporation by putting water in the kettle and watching for the disappearance,

God has put individual human being in a container where the Angels are watching for the disappearance.

Just as the lucky water in the kettle is being distillated instead of just disappearing,

In the same way is the lucky ones preserved by the Angels.

And just as the unlucky water in the kettle disappears with no record,

In same manner is the unlucky ones disappearing from the presence of Angels.

The Lord has put each of us in a container so that we can experience more heat and be transformed into good.

But instead of looking at the good set ahead of you,

You are counting everything as punishment and logging complains everyday of your life.

Note this that, the heat you are feeling now is not even up to a mirage.

The ocean and the lake of heat waits patiently for you if you fail to repent from your bad ways.

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