FAITH (Vol 10): Rainbow and Mirage

Just as the 2 colourless liquid do come together to give colours,

The Lord has created the seen from the unseen.

He has given you the mirage of mixing things together so that you can glorify Him.

But because of these mirage of knowledge, you are trying to compare mirage and rainbow.

Though rainbow may have colours indeed, and can be seen from different angles at the same time unlike mirage,

But you are all like mirage and rainbow in God’s presence.

You are not stable.

You only have a short time to display the talents given to you.

If you fail to utilize your talent, you are like mirage.

If you can utilize your talent to the fullness, you are like rainbow.

But mark you, though colour makes rainbow to be superior over mirage,

Both of them cannot stand the test of time.

On this note, it is not the utilization of talents that will determine where you will spend your eternity,

Your eternity is a matter of standing out when your work is tested by fire.

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