A to Z of GodReign Dreamworks Colours


Every home has clock, either as wrist watch, wall clock, on phone and other gadgets, in which they do use to check time. During the day at 12 noon, the day will be bright (blue), and at 6 in the morning and evening, the day will be a little bit dull (green). The red and yellow between the blue and the green stands for what you have spent your time for during the day. Always remember that there is time for everything and that ‘quick quick says the clock, whatever you want to do, do quickly’.


Agricultural produce does start their life from green plant. At the reproductive stage, they bear fruits, and at maturity, the fruits do become yellow. The fruit will then be passed through processing and fire (red). After the processes, it will bring out a sweet aroma and will be served and be eating with pleasure (blue).

Agricultural Timing

You sow your plant seed in the morning (green), you do all the routine management and follow the terms and conditions which include wetting, addition of fertilizers, weeding, and applying pesticides (yellow and red). And you harvest in the afternoon or evening with happiness (blue). “He that sows with tears will reap with joy”.


You dream at midnight and it looks real. You work towards it in the morning (green). With the help of God at the center (yellow and red), your dreams come to reality (blue).


Lower classes are green and struggling to survive. The higher classes are enjoying their riches and wearing blue ribbon. While the middle classes are making friends (yellow), and passing through heat (red) because they want to get to the top.


Those in the village (green) have lower thinking, all their thinking is practicing agriculture to survive, while the younger ones only think of playing.

Those in the city (middle class/yellow and red) have many things to think about. They think about their families in the village. They think about getting jobs. They think about moving with technology by buying gadgets, and they also think about how to get to the top.

Those in estate and GRA are those at the top (blue). They have little things to think about. Their thought is about managing their businesses, maintaining their jobs and securing their political posts.


Love do starts like green plants. At the early stage, people will be looking at it that maybe the love will die, but the lovers will be adding more efforts as the farmers do waters their crops to avoid dying.

As the love continues, it does turn to yellow. That is the time they got to know each other better, and the lovers has to continue in love.

As the love continues, it does turn to red. This is the time people are discouraging them, and they too are having issues and misunderstanding.

If they didn’t separate despite the trials, their love will then turn to blue. This is the time when the world will celebrate with them.


God is at the center of the universe as the sun is in the midst of the planets. If you are running away from God that is at the center, you will just be revolving around the circle without having any concrete achievements. To succeed, you need to be attached to God as the hands of clock are attached to the center.

As the numbers in the clock waits diligently and patiently for the touch of hands, God is also expecting you to wait diligently.

Positioning 2

The down arrow key (green) is indicating where you are coming from. The top arrow key (blue) is telling you where you are going. The time in life when you are discouraged and feels like going backward is (yellow and red). At this time, you need to be focused so that you can get to your destination.


Starting business is like planting (green), you put more efforts and passed through the stages of production (yellow), and even take risk (red). Then you get more profits if you didn’t give up (blue).

Traffic Light

The traffic light comprises of 3 colours, which are green, yellow and red. The green stands for ‘go or proceed’, the yellow tells you ‘to proceed with caution’, while the red tells you ‘to stop’. If you can obey the traffic light and you follow the traffic rules, laws and regulations, then you will get to your destination safely (blue).

Ludo Game

Ludo game comprises of four colours, which are green, yellow, red and blue. While playing, the players chooses the colour they prefer. Which is an indication that in life, you have the choice to dictate the position you which to be as described in GodReign Dreamworks logo.

Life Cycle

The life cycle of a butterfly also correlated with colours in GodReign Dreamworks logo. Butterfly starts with destructive stage known as caterpillar or larva stage (green). On getting to pupa stage, their colour changes to brown, and they are lifted from the ground and get tied to any objects that is suspending between the ground and the sky, and pass through trials (yellow and red). If the pupa stage withstands trials and escape from predators, it will move to adult stage by becoming a butterfly, and it will be flying in the sky (blue).

Life Cycle 2

God formed man from the dust of the ground (green), He breath the breath of life into man and man became a living soul, and man started walking on the ground, struggling so as to sustain himself and to become someone of influence (yellow). After running the race of life, man is expected to die (red). After death, God will raise man forth again to glory (blue).

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