Colour Speaks

Colours in GodReign Dreamworks logo

The colours in GodReign Dreamworks logo are not there just to beautify the logo, they have specific functions, and they explain life in different ways.

If you want to mention the colours, and you mention the colours from the Crest (Top), it won’t make any meaning to you. But if you analyze the colours from the Trough (down), it will make a lot of meanings to you.

Looking it from the Trough is telling you in essence that, to solve a problem, you need to start solving the problem from the source.

The green in the logo mean ‘nature’ and also mean ‘youth’, and that is the beginning of life. (Also read understanding colors)

At child level, we have all dreamed to be at the top (blue), and at youth level, we need to work towards the dreams we have dreamt at child level.

The yellow in the logo means ‘symbol of friendship’ and also ‘new beginning’. At this time, we are leaving the child level and making a new beginning as youth.

We started making friends and we are happy that we are now mature. At this time, the type of friends you have will dictate your next level and what you will be in life, and will determine whether you will actualize your dreams or not.

The red in the logo simply mean ‘heat’, ‘courage’ and ‘strength’. At this time, you are faced with many challenges (heat) from friends and enemies, then, your courage and strength will dictate your next position.

At this time, if you lose courage or you are weak, you will not be able to move further to the Blue level, you just have to go back to the Trough (downward) to start again or afresh like you use to do when playing games.

The blue in the logo stands for ‘calm worries’, ‘peace’ and ‘lack of disturbance’. At this time, you gain calmness from all the worries you have experienced while passing through the heat of life. You now have peace from all your enemies, and you have crossed the bridge of disturbances. You are now victorious, and you have become like Gold that passed through fire. This is the time you will be rewarded with Blue ribbon and you will be celebrated.

At this blue level, you will look at where you are coming from (green), and look at what you have passed through (red), and then you will give glory to God for the actualization of dreams.

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