The Colour Lane

At first when Mogul World logo 2 was derived, the colours (red, yellow and blue) were included based on the primary colours and not because of what they symbolize. The green in the logo was derived from the combination of blue and yellow.

The essence of chosen primary colours is that it is the mother of all other colours, and stand as the sources of colours. And in order to attain the ‘rich and powerful world, the source must be referenced. 

After screening the colours and make their definitions in GodReign Dreamworks logo, 

I searched around me and online to know those named organisations that also gives respect to colours, then I discovered that

Diamond bank
CNBC Africa

among others, also gives respect to primary colours, but I could not get what their own colours symbolize.

Then I got to discover that those that cherished and give respect to primary colours are those that cherished the beauty of nature. And those that cherished the beauty of nature are those that cherished God and everything he has created. And those that cherished other colours more than primary colours are those that do appreciate artificial things more than nature.

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