The Traits

Mogul World logo 2 made us to know that the high class and the lower class are almost the same, while the middle class are many. In order to maintain the equilibrium point, God abode at the center, controlling the earth.

The lower class can easily move to the middle class and to the high class, provided they pass through the right path that passes through the center. Whereas the wrong paths are also available which by-pass the center, but the end may not yield the desirable result.

The small gaps between the lower class and the Middle class, and the small gap between the middle class and the high class represent the work and the requirements, as well as conditions that must be met before you can move up the ladder.

The straight path that runs directly from the lower class to the high class and back from the high class to the lower class symbolizes that ‘God humbles and he exalts’ (1 Samuel 2:7-8).

In short, Mogul World has been created in other to be the bridge that links both the lower class, the middle class and the high class together so that there will be interaction and cordial relationship, which in return be a peaceful world.

God Reign Networks logo 1

God Reign Networks logo was first perceived as a solar system in which the Sun controls and has influence on the other planets connected through Networks.

In which the sun symbolizes God Reigning over the whole universe through Networks.

God Reign Networks logo 2

After the first perception of God Reign Networks logo, Mogul World logo was reviewed and was found to contain necessary information needed for God Reign Networks to proceed.

From the first perception, God is at the center Reigning, whereas from the existing Mogul World logo, God is also at the center.

The solar system is linked together by rings in the first perception, Mogul World logo already have imaginary lines as the wired network, and the gaps as the wireless networks.

Then this that was initially representing ‘M’ in Mogul

and this that was initially representing ‘W’ in World was combined and transformed into 2 moving waves in God Reign Networks logo.

“Wave is a disturbance which travels through a medium, transferring energy from one point to another without causing any permanent displacement”.

In waves,

The higher class and the lower class in Mogul World logo, was transformed into Crest and Trough respectively in God Reign Networks logo.

In short, the discovery of wave by the scientists gave birth to wavelength, frequency and other properties of waves which collaborates together to produce Networks we are using today.

Though we are tapping and utilizing the Networks indeed. These Networks came into existence through God that Reigns over the universe.