FAITH (Vol 6): Pride

You cannot be precious to everyone by any means with pride,

Neither can you be treasured by everyone by any means,

But you are much precious to someone,

As well as treasured by someone.

That is why you have been bought with a price,

But your pride is becoming unbearable by everyone.

Because of this, your pride is outweighing the precious weight on the dedicated measuring tools.

Remember that the prize awaits you.

As everyone is waiting for you to collect the prize of your pride,

The one that bought you with a price is warning you to leave your pride aside.

Everyone are just connected to your hotspot because they want you to continue riding the non-legged horse of your pride.

If you continue following everyone like the bond between donkey and carrot,

You will end up working more, going extra with your diminishing treasure and with nothing to render for everyone like mirage.

That someone that values you,

That someone that treasures you,

That someone that you are precious in His sight,

That someone that bought you with a price,

That same someone is asking you to come out of the multitude.

Flash back and remember that day you were bought with a price,

Think forward and long-sight the day you will collect the prize.

Will you be rewarded for keeping the price you were bought with, or for the pride you bought yourself with?

Remember that someone now!

Because no one will be able to save you from that someone if you fail to return the price.

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