FAITH (Vol 5): The Preparation

It is not meant for you to fear the day, you only need preparation.

Afterall, you are not the 1st person that will pass through the wake-keep.

Drop your fears and start preparing for the day.

The everlasting sorrow has not been prepared for you,

It has been prepared for the wicked ones only.

The wicked ones am referring to may not be as you think.

Those that failed to prepare for the wake-keep are the wicked ones am referring to.

Will you allow the day to come and meet you like the thief in the night?

Will you allow people to abuse that day after your departure like the thief in the night?

As the thieves in the night do go so soon, that same day will your friend write on their wall that ‘gone so soon’.

Your preparation towards the day will dictate if on that day, you will be bold to say that ‘The prince of the world came, but he founds nothing’.

But your fear towards the day will dictate if your friends will just cry and forgets you, or you remain forever in their heart.

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