FAITH (Vol 4): One (1) Minute

Am not talking of the 1 minute passport you are familiar with,

Neither am I talking of the 1 minute remaining that the network provider used to remind you.

But the one minute you have to publicize your faith,

And the 1 minute you have to deny your faith.

Make proper use of your one minute before you pass through the wake-keep in just 1 minute.

After passing through the wake-keep,

The only thing you are entitled to from your BBM friends, whatsapp friends, 2go friends, families, relatives, ghost friends, and all the bangles of friends you have is just 1 minute silence.

After scaping through the wake-keep,

You have no option than to observe the 1 minute silence yourself as the Angels are verifying your credentials.

The verification will then determine the amount of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years that you have to spend with either joy or sorrow.

Don’t try to fear the wake-keep while you are presently and physically seeing me, I mean when the breath is still in your nostril.

The only option you have now is to fear that everlasting sorrow by making proper use of your 1 minute before you cross to the boundary of wake-keep.

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