FAITH (Vol 3): Connection Lost

On that day of wake-keep, no more phone-beep, all connections will be lost.

Those following you on twitter will have no option than to say goodbye.

Those that do like your beautiful face on facebook will have no option than to like your casket.

Those that do share your post on facebook and whatsapp will have no option than to share the tears.

Those that do ping you on BBM will have no option than to stop pinging you.

The brutal part of it is that even if they want to ping, follow you on twitter, share or like your post, you have no strength to even say ‘where is my phone’

On this present day, all the signal is lost,

The connections between you and your relatives is broken,

A new signal between you and heavenly bodies are created,

The connections will be fully functioned on passing the wake-keep to the new atmosphere.

Your friends will be wishing you not to have passed to that level of break in connections,

But the only thing that will make you to either wish yourself not to have passed the boundary, or to be congratulating yourself for passing the boundary is how you have make use of your 1 minute.

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