FAITH (Vol 8): The Practical 2

Or do you think that it is the oxygen and hydrogen reacting with the water that increases the precipitation rate?

You are making an error if this is your conclusion after asking yourself the question.

Why is water a universal solvent?

Out of all those deceiving you about Hydrogen and oxygen as the ingredient of water, how many of them can proudly tell you that he/she has withdrawn from buying water, and what he/she is using as alternative is the combination of hydrogen and oxygen?

God created these things with the words of His mouth and He remains the Master of the universe. His glory will He not share with anybody. It is just that what so ever is shown unto you is what you are limited to know.

Come back from the colonial mentality,

And reference God in everything you do.

Philosophy has no where to take you to,

Only the faith in the Creator can take you to eternal life.

Have you ever asked yourself to know where the person that proposed H2O is?

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