Because this life is full of ups and downs, there are a lot of discouragement flowing around, but living a better life despite all is the order of the day.

I found this tips useful for me, that is why I decided to share the tips for living a better life in new year. Take a look at how you have used your old year, and follow these tips so that your new year can be better than the old years.

  1. Let go the old, and Accept new

The world is not stagnant, it’s moving forward, learn a new way of doing things.

If you have those that offended you, and the thought of the offences have become burdens, FORGIVE.

If you have a stolen properties with you, RETURN.

If you have friends that makes you sad without a cause, DROP THEM.

If you have friend that have positive influence on you, ADMIRE AND CHERISH THEM.

Learn from trees, Almond tree do shed their leaves at once when the dry season is around the corner, and springs out new leaves. It drops the old leaves when the raining season is around the corner, and springs out new leaves. Mango tree do springs out the new leaves first during the dry season, and then drops the old leaves little by little.

Likewise, you can accept new thing and let go the old when the new has been established, or let go the old first and accept new. But the main point is that the old and the new cannot stay together. The old just have to go for the new to stay.

  1. Balance your account before you sleep

Each day before you sleep, take a pen and a jotter and balance your account. Pen down all your expenses and income. This will allow you to think of what you have used your money for, and what you will use your money for the next day.

And apart from writing your expenses and income, write those moments of the day. The life you touched, the life that touched you. Your good, your bad, your mistakes and what you need to improve the next day.

  1. Write a To-Do list before you sleep

Write down all the activities you need to do the next day. This will determined the time you will need to wake up so as to accomplish those activities. Activities like where you need to go, whom you need to visit, the person you need to give money, the work you need to do, and others.

  1. Start your morning with a glass of water

I’ve heard it several times from health workers that taking a cup of water before brushing teeth is beneficial, but the research was conducted in another country.

But this is what I do, I do take a glass cup of water after brushing my teeth. Taking a cup of water in the morning is beneficial. Avoid drinking alcohol or soft drinks. If you have to start your morning with soft drink, please take more water with it.

  1. Dream

When you sleep, you dream. But if you dream, your dream won’t allow you to sleep. That mean that there are 2 kinds of dream, the one you see when you sleep, and the one that won’t allow you to sleep.

If you sleep and dream, ruminate on the dream before you set out to your daily activities. And if your dream is not allowing you to sleep, look for the means to accomplish the dream. And don’t isolate yourself from the dreamers, they might have the solution to the dreams that is preventing you from sleeping.

  1. Take your sleep serious

If you want to sleep, avoid disturbances. Most of the disturbances come from our mobile phones. You can switch it off or put it into silence. You can also switch of your data to avoid distractions from social media. Try to dim the screen by putting the Screen brightness to the minimum to avoid distraction from light intensity if you need to check time. Sleep refreshes brain.

  1. Meditate daily

Avoid spending all your time with friends. Avoid spending all your time with social media. Avoid spending all your time with gadgets, phone, TV, Game console, and others. Create a time for yourself. Use the time to meditate on what your eyes have seen, or what your brain has stored for that day. Use the time to think on the problem you are facing and the possible solutions. Read the words of God and meditate on it.

  1. Feed your mind daily

Your mind isn’t a prisoner, feed it like a king, and it will serve you better. Feed your mind with positive things. Read more books that give encouragement. Avoid moving with those that say negatives. Avoid watching films that makes you sad. Avoid listen to sad news. What we feed our mind will dictate how our mind will look like. Feed your mind with positivity. Learn to erase the negativity with the promises of God for you.

  1. Choose to be yourself

There is no way you can satisfy everybody. If you want to satisfy everybody, you will just be like a ball that is been tossed here and there, the ball have nothing to gain, the tosser collects the reward.

Learn to be yourself. Don’t copy someone’s life, and avoid fake life. Let people see the real you. If you copy someone’s life, you will just be addressed as someone. But if you choose to be your yourself, you will be addressed as the real you.

  1. Minimize your material possessions

Since money is just a means by which earthly treasure is measured, minimize your material possessions, and focus on quality over quantity. In life, the more material things you have, the more your expenses. And the more your expenses, the more your problem. Minimize your material possessions and focus on the Life itself. Focus on a better life, and what you have to offer people around you and the community as a whole.

  1. Minimize your Garbage in and Garbage out

If you are fun of doing BET or LOTTO, apart from the money you used, you waste your time and efforts in worrying either you will gain or lose.

A lot of people have lost their precious resources, all in the name of ‘Let me Give it a Try‘. Don’t learn to ‘give a try‘, make research and finding before putting your precious resources into anything.

  1. Be mindful about the Words you use

Stop using abusive words for yourself and for people around you. Everyday, cultivate the habit of saying ‘It is well with my soul‘. Avoid using the word “I can’t“. If you are in distress, say it to yourself that ‘Am not alone, I will get over it‘. If you are in need of something, say it to yourself that ‘My God will provide for my need in full‘. Avoid using your words to destroy your life, speak positive.

  1. Focus on building an amazing life, not just making money

Build an amazing life, don’t just chase after money. Money have an end, but the life we build stands for ever. The business you want to embark on to make money, don’t do it at the detriment of others. Avoid selling or doing business that destroys people’s life. Put it at the back of your mind that ‘Life is more precious than anything on earth‘. In the course of chasing after money, avoid doing the business that will destroy your own life also. Remember that the Life in you is not your own, you are going to give account, for the Creator of Heaven and the Earth.

  1. Express your gratitude daily

There is an adage in this western part of the country that “The person that shows no gratitude and a thief are the same“. Show gratitude to those that are influential in your life. Show gratitude to your parents. Show gratitude to your neighbors and your co-workers. The more you show gratitude, the more joyful you become.

  1. Quit complaining

One of the crucial tips for living a better life in the new year, is to complain less. Instead of complaining, appreciate God for the gift of life. Rather than complaining, use more time to build yourself, and to find solution to the problem of the moment. Remember that situation comes and goes, but ‘YOU‘ remain.

  1. Set and keep a morning routine

Have something you do every morning. It might be planning or any other activities. And if you don’t have any morning routine, create an habit of praying, read words of God, sing to God, appreciate God. You can also read life-changing books.

  1. If a relationship isn’t serving you, eliminate it

This is one of the tips to living a better life. If you are in a relationship and you discovered that your partner is an enemy, if you can’t change your partner for good, eliminate the relationship. This is one of the crucial tips of living a better life that helped me most this year. I have to delete someone from my memory, and even the phone number so as to move on. If a relationship isn’t serving you, and you eliminate it, it gives you a better opportunity to get a better relationship.

  1. Design a separation techniques

Make your life like a Refinery. When things are passed into a refinery, it separates them. Likewise, don’t act on every thought that cross your mind, refine them and make use of the good. Don’t just have friends, refine them and let the good ones stay. Don’t just apply for jobs, know where you fit in and go for it. Base your life on what is good for you, and not just what you see.

  1. Learn to say ‘NO’

When you are given an assignment to do, and you have concluded in your heart that you are not going to do it, learn to say ‘NO‘. By saying ‘NO‘, you become more honourable than saying ‘YES‘ and not doing it. If people want to force you to do what you don’t like or what is against the will of God, learn to say ‘NO‘.

  1. Measure those things you value

If you can measure those things you value, you will be living a better life in the new year. When you value something in someone’s life, you will want to pattern your life so that what you value in that person’s life will reflect in your life also. I

f its a material thing, you will want to acquire it rather than just borrowing or stealing. Measuring those things you value in your life or your belongings make that thing to be secure because you will learn to secure them. And in return, you become a good keeper.

  1. Ask questions, give answers

If you are confuse, ask questions from people. If people around you are confused, and they ask question, give answers. In solving people’s problem, you are doing yourself a favour. The more you give answers, the more wiser you become.

  1. Make post, Read post, add comments

Make Posts on social media. If not often, post what’s on your mind once in a while, it might help others. Read other people’s post, you might read the one that will solve your problem at that moment. Don’t just be checking pictures and videos. Don’t just ignore valuable post, add comment and share, it might help others also.

  1. Screen the opinion you take from others

When people are more concern about you or the situation you are passing through, they tend to show care by giving you opinions. Take the better opinion and leave the rest of the opinions for the gods. And learn to appreciate people for their opinions.

  1. Find a Coach or Mentor

To move on in life and to be living a better life, you need a tutor, a guidance, and a supporter. Find a Coach or a Mentor that will guide, instruct, and motivates you. And don’t forget to be other people’s Coach or Mentor.

  1. Laugh daily

When you frown, you look older than your age. When you laugh, you look younger than your age. Then why won’t you cultivate the habit of laughing daily. Make friends that will make you laugh. Watch comedy films.

  1. Make people laugh

You make people laugh, not because you don’t have any worries, but because making people laugh brings happiness in return. When you make people laugh, you become part of their success story.

  1. Touch lives positively

Those that touches lives negatively are always on the run like ‘Temple Run Game‘. They will just continue running, having no peace of mind. Then to have a peace of mind, touch lives positively. Remember ‘Do to others as you want them to do to you‘.

  1. Make success your friend

Always have the thought of what you want to achieve. By doing that, you are making success your friend. Don’t just think of money, think of achieving something tangible. Achievement leads to success. And success gives money in return.

  1. Eat good food, not junks

There is a saying that ‘you are what you eat‘. To be living a better life in the new year, eat good food not junks. Take more phyto-chemicals and vegetables. Take balanced diet, and avoid eating plenty food at a time. Take plenty of water than soft drinks.

  1. Pay your dues and bills

Pay your dues and bills to whom it may concern. Pay tithes and offerings in your place of worship, be it in Church or in Mosque. If you pay your dues, your mind will be free. You will have a peace of mind, and more blessings will follow you. Once you are blessed, you will be able to bless others.

  1. Create bridge to link your friends

Learn to create bridge to link your friends rather than building tall walls to block your enemies. If you create bridge, you have more people to fight for you if your enemy arise. But if you create tall walls, you are even blocking good things.

  1. Prepare for a better place

It is good to live a better life on this earth. But while living a better life, always remember that there is still a place after this earth. If you are preparing for this better place, it will make you to do good to yourself and to everybody around you. in order to be living a better life in the new year, serve God and work for God.


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