Video Effects

Have you ever imagine how possible it is to shoot someone and the bullet came out of the gun, and it hits the person on the head, and the head is scattered, and the person is buried. The next day, you go to the market and buy another film and you still see that same person that was buried in the film you bought, and you will begin to wonder how.

Have you ever imagine how possible it is to blow the london bridge and yet, you switch on your TV to watch news, and you still see that london bridge is still intact.

Have you ever imagine how much would have been used to produce a film if all the houses, cars, ship and the implements they are blowing in the film is blown in real life.

In order to save the money and the extra efforts that needs to be added to repair the damages, video effects has introduced to act as the alternative to destroying things.

To be a professional video effector, you need the imagination, the materials to be used, the correct system, and the correct software to use.

At GodReign Dreamworks, we offer video effects for movie industries, and we are offering training on video effects.

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