GodReign Dreamworks logo. A pictures describing the GoRed.

Welcome to GodReign Dreamworks

It is my pleasure to welcome you to GodReign Dreamworks (GoRed). Established in 2005 as Bounty Art. GodReign Dreamworks has been in the business of training, imparting knowledge and building career. We deals with all works of life, which include Statistical Analysis, Video Editing and Effects, Video Coverage, Graphic Design, Web Design, Computer Training, 3D modelling and Animation, and lots more. Continue reading

What we do

Graphics Designing

A picture representing graphics designing

Graphics Design has nowadays becoming the subjects of the formular. Right from the cartoon we are watching, the adverts we see on TV, to the movies we do watch, they cannot be accomplished without graphics. Continue reading

Video Editing

A picture describing video editing

I do wonder how the world would have looked like if there is nothing like video editing. Imagine how many days used to shoot the 2 hours film you do watch, the cutting, splitting and joining together is been accomplished through Video Editing. 
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Video Effects

A picture describing video effects of a collapse building with fire and smoke

Have you ever imagine how possible it is to shoot someone and the bullet came out of the gun, and it hits the person on the head, and the head is scattered, and the person is buried. The next day, you go to the market and buy another film and you still see that same person that was buried in the film you bought, and you will begin to wonder how. 
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Video Coverage

A picture describing camera recording. Showing a professional camera with active live view

The memories you have in your room, in hotels, halls, offices, and anywhere you can think of. The news we do watch everyday, or the news we do read. The documentary we do watch. The sport you watch, Your Birthday, marriage ceremonies, and all the events are the works of video coverage. 
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Statistical Analysis

A picture describing statistical analysis. Showing the bar chart and pie chart

To make inferences, to make references, to get results, to get recommendations, to reach conclusion, we need statistical analysis. Statistics goes a long way in our daily lives, right from cooking to studying. Do you know that taking a sample when cooking rice or beans to know if they are ready to be served is part of statistics? 
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Web Designing

A picture describing web designing. Showing http and www. Representing world wide web

In our daily lives, we search and seek for information. Solving problems by using ‘do it yourself’ principle. Knowing about First Aid where there is no Doctor, the work of Web Designers is inestimable. To even do some calculations that require formulars, cramming of formulars has also been solved. 
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Computer Training

A picture describing computer training. Showing computers with people working on it

When there is no iron to sharpen iron, the unsharpened iron will be useless. When there is no one to wet the planted garden, the work of planter will be wasted. That is why we need to appreciate computer trainers. 
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A picture describing animation. Showing a tangible part of a motherboard

Gone are those days when we were taught shapes in school. I remember those days if a teacher want to punish a stubborn students, the teacher will draw something on the board and ask the student to push it. You can now push anything through animation. 
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