Cheers to year 2019

Cheers to Year 2019

I could hear the chewing of meat in the mouth of people all over the earth, sounding like the wave of an ocean, and also sounding like thunder. The flavour and the aroma of soup covers the earth like atmosphere and surrounds the earth like water bodies. The whole world becomes neater as if it was swept and decorated by the heavenly being. The brightness of the day becomes brighter as if the sun has given birth to young ones. I could see and perceive that the earth was decorated with good and beautiful fashionable materials and beautifiers. The wind started distributing the joy and the good news as it was moving around because he could not quantify the glory. Everything I see, from what I can picture out, indicates the changing of the season.

Why are those thing happening? I asked. The answer came to my hears with a sweet and soft voice, and said unto me “They are happening because the clothing of year 2018 has been torn from the neck of the earth and was renewed with the most beautiful clothing of the year 2019. Then joy covers the earth again and again, and in a replicative manner like resonance, and all glory was given to Almighty God – the creator of the earth for sparing everyone’s lives to see the glorious day like this.

Then a signal was transmitted from the stable of GodReign Dreamworks to all the corners of the Earth, jubilating with them, congratulating them, and wishing them HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Cheers to year 2019

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