My Blue Eyes

I never thought I could become a victim until the day I discovered that my eyes are blue. I wonder why my eyes are blue. I count it as a rumour until I looked myself in a mirror. I thought that it was just a stain until I wash my eyes with soap and water. Then I realized that it is more than a stain, it has become a stigma.

This becomes a stigma in my body. The causal of my blue eyes is unknown to me. I went to all the physician in this world but no one could help me out. All their comment was that I have to continue living with this stigma for the rest of my life, since it is not curable.

When one of the physician called me that he knows the solution, I nearly carry all the money on earth to him. But unfortunately for me, he said that the best solution is to remove the eyes. I continue running helter shelter so has to get my stigma cured but I found no one. Then I saw myself as the Easter people in the Good Friday world and as a forgiven people in the unforgiven world, and also as a sheep in the midst of the Fox.

It gives me a lot of concern and run through my head. I thought of traveling to the moon where the sun and the rain could come directly and wash my eyes, but all was like covering the fire with a sheet of paper.

After all my running helter shelter, then I realized that the blue colour in my eyes is not a dirt and not a stain but the strong love I have for God. Then I understand that God’s love cannot be removed from my heart by any means.

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